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IT Security Solutions

A software development specialized organization in the financial area, and integration solutions, with emphasis on security, innovation and quality in order to provide highly reliable solutions…Our service portfolio includes IT security and telecommunications consulting, pre-sale and after-sales in modalities of up to 24/7. We have strategic partnerships with worldwide leading technological companies that allow us to provide high quality solutions, appropriately sized for each client, to ensure the best price-to-benefit ratio, all of this it supported by our professional services management which covers needs of integrity, confidentiality and availability.

  • Objectives

    To become one of the leading companies in the development of security software, web applications and payments for the financial sector, based on our dynamism and innovative character.

  • Mission

    To align banking and commerce to new technological trends by offering secure, easy-to-use web solutions, communications and payment available to the entire population.

  • Vision

    We develop projects in an integral way, implementing technological solutions, consulting and training, which responds to the best practices at an international level.

Cyber Security

  • Computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security is the protection of computer systems from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.

  • Malware can can have a disasterous effect on your business systems, which can relate to heavy losses and unwanted problems. Protect your privacy and control your computer systems with threat security.

  • Fördel Technologies is focused on keeping your hardware and software safe and secure. Please contact us should you require any information or assistance regarding any cyber security problems. We are here to provide you with top end security solutions to protect you from any external related threat.


Don't get held hostage. We can protect you. Complete Ransomware Protection!

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of VIRUS or MALICIOUS software. It takes a hold of victim’s data until the attacker is paid the ransom. Typically, the attacker demands payment in a form of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. Only then will the attacker send a decryption key to release the victim’s data. A number of ransomware variants have appeared in recent years.

How does ransomware work?

Ransomware is typically distributed through a few main avenues. These include email phishing, malvertising (malicious advertising), and exploit kits. After it is distributed, the ransomware encrypts selected files and notifies the victim of the REQUIRED PAYMENT.

Ever Heard Of WannaCry?

WannaCry is a ransomware worm that spread rapidly through across a number of computer networks in May of 2017. After infecting a Windows computer, it encrypts files on the PC’s hard drive, making them impossible for users to access, then demands a ransom payment in bitcoin in order to decrypt them.

Dont know how to solve this issue?

Get hold of us at Fordel Technologies. We know how and only use the best in Technologies and tools. We will resolve and protect you from your Ransomware hasstles.

Types of ransomware

There are three main types of ransomware, ranging in severity from mildly off-putting to Cuban Missile Crisis dangerous. They are as follows:

Screen lockers

Upgrade to terror alert orange for these guys. When lock-screen ransomware gets on your computer, it means you’re frozen out of your PC entirely. Upon starting up your computer, a full-size window will appear, often accompanied by an official-looking FBI or US Department of Justice seal saying illegal activity has been detected on your computer and you must pay a fine. However, the FBI would not freeze you out of your computer or demand payment for illegal activity. If they suspected you of piracy, child pornography, or other cybercrimes, they would go through the appropriate legal channels.

Encrypting ransomware

This is the truly nasty stuff. These are the guys who snatch up your files and encrypt them, demanding payment in order to decrypt and redeliver. The reason why this type of ransomware is so dangerous is because once cybercriminals get ahold of your files, no security software or system restore can return them to you. Unless you pay the ransom—for the most part, they’re gone. And even if you do pay up, there’s no guarantee the cybercriminals will give you those files back.


Scareware, as it turns out, is not that scary. It includes rogue security software and tech support scams. You might receive a pop-up message claiming that malware was discovered and the only way to get rid of it is to pay up. If you do nothing, you’ll likely continue to be bombarded with pop-ups, but your files are essentially safe. A legitimate cybersecurity software program would not solicit customers in this way. If you don’t already have this company’s software on your computer, then they would not be monitoring you for ransomware infection.

Network Security

Our Network Security and Operations Centre uses the latest support tools to rapidly assess and address your ICT issues, whether onsite or remotely. Certified Systems Engineers are available 24/7/365 to anticipate, identify, isolate, and restore as required. We’re a constant presence on your team, so you can be continuously open for business. The level of support your business requires will depend on the size and complexity of your network. Before we recommend a managed services solution, we will undertake a walkthrough to determine the best-fit support model for your needs.

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