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Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems are the next generation of security equipment: They offer comprehensive protection, lower installation costs, and easy upgrades. Essentially, a wireless security system is comprised of alarms, sensors, cameras, and various detectors all connected to a main control panel via radio signals.

By using the finest selection of hardware and software solutions from the world’s leading technology providers we offer our national clientele seamless and professional solutions which solve the many related risks associated with every day business:  including access controlCCTVBMS and fire detection that can be easily managed from a single platform.

Fordel Technologies uses only the best in security devices to ensure your home/business is always protected. With a great installation and management team you are sure not to go wrong with us. You are more than welcome to fill the form in below or contact us via our contact number if you are interseted in any of our items and we will be sure to get back to you timelesly. 

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